Barr A. Flynn is the founding pastor and teacher of Newport Community Church. In 1982, while in the Navy, God brought Barr to personal faith in Jesus Christ through the ministry of the Navigators. Prior to the pastorate, Barr worked as a social worker and as a high school teacher and administrator. A graduate of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary, Barr lives with his wife, Ruth, in Newport, Rhode Island.

Ralph T. Lewis was installed as an elder in Newport Community Church on September 24, 2006. Ralph continues full time employment as an attorney in private practice. He came to know Jesus Christ on November 22, 1999 through the witness of his brother, Jeffrey. Ralph lives with his wife, Liz, and their three children, Luke, Alyssa, and Sarah, in Portsmouth, Rhode Island.

The Deacons are Brian Gilpin, Jack Cohn, and John Corbishley.  Brian Gilpin and his wife Beth are best known for the care and ministry both have provided to couples and families. Brian and Beth were discipled through the Navigators Collegiate Ministry and both are experienced in home-church planting. Beth’s family has played a prominent role in the establishment of two other local churches.  Jack Cohn and his wife Judy have a history of consistent loyal service to God’s people serving in the US Military. Experienced as church leaders, each respect the authority of the Church and are supportive participants of the Men’s, Women’s, and Music Ministries at NCC.  John Corbishley and wife Lori are regular supporters and volunteers at Teen Challenge. John is a Salvation Army board-chairman and Bible Study co-leader. They exemplify teamwork, the pursuit of God’s Word, and compassion for the downtrodden. 

Church Ministries

Men’s Ministry – Brian Gilpin
The vision of the Men’s Ministry is to see men model authentic Biblical manhood. Participants can expect to experience more satisfying relationships and real, measurable life-changes at home and at work by better understanding a man’s God-given design and spiritual purpose.

Women’s Ministry – Liz Lewis
The vision of the Women’s Ministry is to see women equipped for joyful service to Christ at home, at work, and in the church through nurturing fellowship, relevant Bible study, and effective prayer.

Children’s Ministry – Doreen Bullock
The vision of the Children’s Ministry is to see children introduced to the Biblical Jesus and to encourage their love for Him by teaching and modeling lives of joy, affirmation, and willing service to others.

Youth Ministry
The vision of the Youth Ministry is to see our church teenagers come to a saving and maturing faith in Jesus Christ, and to help them learn to think Biblically with a Christian worldview, so that they may be equipped to serve one another in the building up of the church, and be encouraged to live out their faith in the world to the glory of God.

Hospitality Ministry – Ruth Flynn
The vision of the Hospitality Ministry is to see fellowship among congregants become more intimate, appealing, and satisfying under gracious hosts and helpers who co-labor to optimize places and occasions for fellowship by incarnating the gracious Spirit of Jesus and thoughtfully employing food, drink, and tasteful decoration.

Nursery Ministry – Beth Chenier
The vision of the Nursery Ministry is to see parents afforded greater opportunity for Christian growth by providing their infants and toddlers a safe, clean, and loving nursery staffed by volunteers who inspire the confidence adults need to participate in worship apart from anxious concern for the welfare of children.

Music Ministry – Dawn Graham
The vision of the Music Ministry is to see the greatness of God magnified through skillfully combining Biblical truths and the musical genre best suited to inspire mature, heartfelt thanksgiving to God in both word and deed.

Missions Ministry – John Burgess
The vision of the Missions Ministry is to see congregants educated and well informed on mission activities and needs world-wide. Particular review and update are provided for missions receiving monthly support from Newport Community Church. Developing a “missions-minded” congregation is also encouraged through promoting and supporting congregants committed to short-term and long-term missions.

Diaconate Ministry – Bill Murphy, point-of-contact
The vision of the Diaconate is to see congregants enjoy a welcoming, comfortable, and safe environment for worship by ensuring that greeters, ushers, and stewards are well instructed and supervised, that the church building and grounds are kept clean and well maintained, and that financial and materiel contributions are accounted for and distributed as needed.